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  • PYHT-LSJ-5


Equipment introduction
This device can complete mobile phone, U disk, remote controls, PCB, tablet computers, watches, digital cameras, toys and other kinds of screw lock pay electronic industry products. Adopts the vacuum adsorption material taking method, single head, double platform single X, Y, Z, independently control, perfect match.
The main body
1, screw feeding mechanism: the Japanese OHTAKE screw feeder, the screw in the screw machine bunker, screw machine will automatically be arranged screw and through the micro vibration will screw conveying to the specified location;
2, vacuum adsorption material taking institutions: using high speed brushless electric group, through the vacuum generator converts air suction, by setting the electric group back to screw machine screw position for picking, so as to solve the stainless steel lock pay no magnetic screw on, such as the problem; Dual mode switch structure: the handheld programmer teaching control system, good stability; Also can be manual mode and automatic mode switch at random;
3, transmission mechanism; Using high SuLei closed-loop stepper motor, synchronous belt, transmission precision linear guide, greatly improves the precision and accuracy of products;
The main features
Using handheld programmer teaching control system, display all Chinese interface, vacuum pay type reclaimer, high SuLei closed-loop stepper motor, synchronous belt, precision linear guide ensure the product of high efficiency and high precision. 24 hours of continuous production, stable performance, small failure rate. Each station are module, convenient installation and debugging, a large number of save debugging time; Can be used with manual assembly lines and docking, can also with other single docking, realize continuous automatic production function
Device compatible product size
1, screw machine fixture compatible replacement products: product length 250 mm or less. The width of 200 mm or less
2, screw feeder compatible range: applicable to the diameter of the same specification, different size of nut and screw length
3, replacement products should be complementary makings structure change related processing structure parts according to the process, need to change the fixture, screw feeder, electric group of vacuum adsorption mouth and electric's head
With a standard type parts, component replacement time is less than 0.5 hours



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