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  • PYHT-HXJ-3


Products overview:

Automatic soldering machine is mainly used in electronics manufacturing, mainly for reflow, wave soldering production equipment such as hard work

Art process and solder processing, especially suitable for conventional circuit board, heat sensitive components, SMT sensitive device in the backend process

Welding, welding line, the charger plug welding is widely used in PCB, connectors, welding, DC terminal and tin, LED lights belt

Connection, etc. Automatic soldering robot to replace manual welding, improve work efficiency, improve the welding quality.

Product features:

1, flexible way of soldering, welding, welding (welding), and other functions, and also built-in screw, dispensing and handling programs.

2, the equipment can store 99 operating procedures, the same machine soldering on 99 different products for processing.

3, the equipment mechanical arm are open for aluminum casting, no deformation, no rust and stable operation.

4, equipment written procedures for point-to-point, block to block the replication, shortening the time of programming.

5, equipment has automatic cleaning function, to some extent, stabilized the soldering quality and prolong the service life of the soldering iron tsui.

6, multi-axis linkage manipulator, adopt advanced precision stepper motor drive and motion control algorithm, and effectively improve positioning accuracy and repeat precision.


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