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Product introduction: dispensing pressure shield machine
When two station platform type design, improve space utilization.
Have independent development of the operating system software, the interface simple, human nature, easy to master.
When a device to replace artificial, 3-5 capacity increase greatly.
Products with high consistency, you save time.
Does the workshop environment improvement, customer satisfaction agent factory.
Product features:
1, casing material choose 3 mm thick manufacture, strong solid, beautiful and generous;
2, the industrial PLC touch screen control, convenient operation, human nature;
3, segmentation and stepper motor drive, reciprocating motion precision and reliable;
4 pneumatic components, pneumatic parts adopt imported cylinder control, fast response speed, long service life;
5, platform design, the eight location wheel efficiency is greatly increased, production capacity can reach 1100 m/hour;
6 and procedures set feeding manipulator, dispensing, pressure, mechanical hand.
Product technical parameters:
Models PYHT - DJYZJ equipment
The body parameter
Dimension: long L2200mm * wide high H2000mm W1500mm *
The weight: about 200 kg
Control parameters
Control mode: industrial PLC
Programmatically: text demonstration programmer
Driving mode: segmentation and precision stepper motor
Environmental requirements
Working power supply: AC220V / 50 ~ 60 hz / 200 w
Working pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.6 Mpa (no water)
Working temperature: room temperature
Applicable products:
A45 - A75 series ball bubble lamp, with a bayonet.


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