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The development of the automatic welding wire machine

Now fully automatic wire welding machine is widely used in LED industry, is indispensable to the LED industry packaging equipment, manual and half since the wire welding machine on the production capacity can't meet the demand of the market, has been gradually replaced by the automatic welding wire machine, but for a long time as a filling line with auxiliary equipment is indispensable. Wire automatic welding machine in technology is high-tech product, due to the fully automatic wire welding machine with high technical content, most of the domestic market occupation or imported equipment, wire and imported automatic welding machine has been high on price, largely limits the development of China's LED market. Domestic than sharp wire automatic welding machine is one of the few manufacturers can produce only, but on the welding speed and imported machine, we still have some difference, if it is like a solid crystal machine, glue machine, glue machine, and other packaging equipment can reach the level of localization is higher, need after a few years, or longer.
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