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Why automatic soldering machine industry development so quickly?

According to the analysis: China's electronics companies in the appreciation of the renminbi, rising wages and raw materials, and many other factors at the same time pressure on small profit of manufacturing enterprises, and not cheap labor, so enterprises costs rose sharply, an led to many small and medium-sized enterprises. To survive the transformation and upgrading of enterprise also is facing a severe test. This situation reversed transmission enterprises urgently need to upgrade production method, and automated production this is definitely a "way".
Foxconn's contract with robots, experts say, events in the whole manufacturing industry play a guiding role, etc. In the transformation of "foxconn robot" release a clear signal that managers begin to have the idea of automated production, through automation equipment to cope with the "labor shortage", "electricity shortage" is a good choice.
Labor shortage, labor, electricity shortage, etc., in such difficult circumstances, but it is the development of the automatic soldering machine a big opportunity. It was also demonstrated in a word, when a problem occurs, that there must be a solution. When there is employment difficult electronics manufacturing, automatic soldering machine, solve the labor relations of all problems.


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