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Multi-axis automatic lock screw opportunities in what fields widely used?

Now many companies have entered the era of automation, abandon the traditional handicraft industry. Especially the birth of multi-axis automatic locking screw machine brought unprecedented wealth for enterprise.
Why multi-axis automatic locking screw machine has brought wealth to the enterprise? Before artificial lock screw efficiency is very slow, can now be more locking screws at the same time, can replace more workers; Such as double Y automatically lock screw machine, axle count can customize according to customer's requirements. Lock pay still requires human take put products, automatic locking screw machine and be able to judge whether screw lock, lock bad product machine will alarm prompt, convenient to distinguish the defective product. Email by universal transmission shaft transmission torque of the lock screw, screw holes position adjustment is convenient, replace the products easily. Versatility is very good, can dismantle a batch of the telephone does not lock screw. Machine is simple and practical, the staff quickly master the operation and debugging.
Multi-axis automatic locking screw machine is widely used in communications. Car. Motorcycle. Electronic. Electrical. Hardware. Plastic. Toys and other industries, it is the advantages of fast, speed is equal to efficiency is equal to the money, so fast is equal to the money, money and make money.


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