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Ningbo peng yu huatai electronics co., LTD

Ningbo peng yu huatai electronics co., LTD in the automation industry after several years of rolled or by virtue of the spirit of continuous innovation to never give up, and has successfully launched a series of products, is a new generation of E27 group installed automatically, bubble machine, dispensing pressure four combination equipment, light board press line, T8 coating machine, the ball bubble point glue machine, three axis point glue machine, automatic locking screw machine, soldering machine, such as reducing staff promote efficiency for the general customers to make lighting enterprise profit growth for the sustainable development to lay a solid foundation, the company's products have obtained the patent for utility model, our research and development has not stopped, the market will be more new products, your satisfaction is our greatest recognition! 24 hours service hotline: 4008574688


Contact: RuoTian.wu

Phone: 13958375948

Tel: 4008574688


Add: Ningbo haishu district bystreet industrial park

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