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Ningbo pengyu huatai electronics co LTDCompany is the collection research, development, production, manufacturing, service, professional engaged in LED lighting automation equipment, fixture design and manufacture products, and provide the complete automation solutions proprietary technical enterprise, for manufacturing enterprises to save manpower, increase efficiency, improve quality, is a manufacturing enterprise from "human focus" to "automated production-oriented" change partners.The company is a self-owned property technology enterprise that integrates R & D, production, manufacturing and service. It specializes in the development, production and sales of automatic lighting equipment. It saves manpower, improves the efficiency and improves the quality of the manufacturing enterprise.  "Human concentration" to "automated production" to change the partners.
      The company developed the automation equipment: bulb assembly machine, packaging machine, aging line, dispenser, soldering machine, screw machine, dispensing crust machine, T8 coating machine, T8 board machine, the company has successively  A number of LED lighting companies to reduce the operation of staff, improve production capacity, optimize product quality, so that enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, increase profit margins, to continue to develop a solid foundation!
     The company has always followed the world advanced level, continuous innovation, with rooted technology, professional design and manufacturing concept, in the company's development process in strict accordance with the set of technical standards and process operations, effectively guarantee the quality of products.
     In the company's development process, the Company will continue to enhance research and development and engineering and technical services capabilities, adhering to the "customer first, technology and enterprising" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" principle, according to customer needs to provide the best technology solutions,  To provide efficient, safe, cost-effective quality service.
      Business philosophy: customer first, technology and progress, service first.

      Growth orientation: parity sales, win-win cooperation and common development.

      Corporate culture: hard work, serious and responsible, modesty.

      Core Competitiveness: speed, quality, technology, flexibility, cost. 
Our goal is to make competing bubble lamp customers are using the ball bubble lamp automatic assembly line, because we refuse to profiteering, parity sales, start from us, please remember our slogan, everyone good is really good, just the beginning of cooperation, the permanent coexistence is our pursuit! Let us hand in hand together to meet industrial 4.0 to do a better and more perfect product market do more work together!



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